Really Cool Home for Sale: The First Sarah House is on the Market!

After almost two years of construction, Crossroads volunteer Jeff White's dream is a reality. CrossroadsSarah_House_g is selling a new home at 1511 South 1000 West in Salt Lake City designed and built by Jeff, a volunteer at Crossroads for almost 30 years. The house will be sold to a low income buyer. An individual with an annual income of under $39,000 or a couple making less than $45,000 will qualify. The initial listing price is $135,000.

Utilizing HOME funds from Salt Lake City and many individual donations of time, money and materials, the new home is primarily built utilizing two 40-foot shipping containers and features innovative, green technology in all aspects of design and construction. Over 1,800 people worldwide have followed the progress of this project on social media. The project's goal was to demonstrate an innovative method for building permanent, barrier free, affordable, owner occupied for low income individuals and couples. Jeff and his friends utilized recycled, low cost, seismically sound and environmentally safe materials, employing a simplified, design/build process. The bulk of the labor and most of the cost of engineering and design for this effort were donated.

The origin of the name “Sarah House” stems from an encounter Jeff had with an active homeless artist in San Francisco who was about to be evicted from the abandoned property she had been calling home. Sarah was in need of basic, low cost housing. She was also surrounded by materials, such as shipping containers that could be re-purposed to create this kind of housing opportunity. In 2008, Jeff constructed a model home in his driveway using two 20-foot shipping containers. Christened “Sarah House,” this model was toured by mayors, council members, and other public officials throughout Salt Lake County before being moved for display at various locations in Salt Lake City in 2009. Construction on the current permanent housing unit began in September 2011.

If you are interested in purchasing the home (or know someone who might be), please call Jeff White at (801) 554-5798.

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